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Meet Our Founder/CEO 

Keisha Williams

Hello Everyone!  Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Keisha Williams, and I am the Founder and CEO of Keyta's Kreationz LLC.

I’m a fun loving, born and raised Southern woman who's full of life and excitement.

It truly feels good to be able to say that at this point in my life, because I wasn’t always this way.

At the tender age of seven years, I suffered a stroke, which left the entire left side of my body paralyzed. Growing up...

I had a rough childhood which lead to many challenges.


However, with a strong will to flourish, I didn't allow that to stop me from achieving my goals, dreams, or desires.

My interest in creating was my niche, so I used it to focus on the positive, which enabled to better cope with life. 

My hobbies began with knitting, canvas stitching, sewing and woodshop. In high school, I enrolled in home economics which then peaked my interested in culinary arts.

In 1998, I worked as a party planner for the Malibu Grand Prix,  The customers and management loved my energy, silliness, and fun with the kids. I enjoyed putting smiles on their faces and the setup with decorating the rooms. I was later promoted to the position of the Supervisor for Party Planning.

As a jack of all trades, it was important for me to be versatile. You know what they say, variety is the

Spice of Life!

After 18 years of wearing many hats as a Loan
Officer for HSBC, Supervisor for Busch Gardens, employed with GTE Federal Credit Union, Publix, Call Centers and now Security. I've realized that my passion for event planning has never left my heart.

In 2013, my whole world changed when I gave birth to my daughter. She was truly my "Miracle Child" after being advised that I was told I couldn’t have any children. I've always known that there was a GOD, but that's when He confirmed with me that with Him, All Things are Possible!


I became more joyful, and loving than I had ever been.
As my daughter grew older, each year I began to embrace my talents even more, once again... putting smiles on the face of other people. Then it hit me that this is my gift.

I began decorating, then moved on to balloon arrangements From there, creating treats. I became the jack of all trades again and I love what I do. It’s therapy for me. "To God be the Glory!"

How did I get my name you ask? Growing up I was called Keyta by a relative and it stuck with me.

Till this day, even though I’m a Strong, Dedicated, Educated, Beautiful Queen... he still calls me Keyta. Everyday is a learning experience for me. never stopping until I’ve finished each task.

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